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30A Florida Beach Flag Predictions

30A is known as the "Emerald Coast", it's a collection of small, unique, beautiful Florida beach towns nestled quietly between the busier area of Panama City and Destin along County Road 30A. The beach communities of Rosemary Beach, Seaside, Alys and Santa Rosa Beach sit in the area.

We have studied the correlations between the flag colors on the beaches of South Walton County and hundreds of variables (maximum wind speed of the day, average wind speed of the day, tidal coefficient, sea temperature, rainfull,...). We have studied thousands of data.

By analysing all this data and the weather forecast, our Machine Learning Algorithms can now predict the Beach Flag color on 30A for the next few days
The calculations will be updated every day.


Beach Warning Flag
red_flag.gif red_flag.gif Water Closed to Public: double red flag
red_flag.gif High Hazard: red flag
yellow-flag-4.gif Medium Hazard: yellow flag
green-flag.gif Low Hazard: green flag
purple.png Dangerous Marine Life: purple flag


We are a private group of data scientists who are interested in tourism on 30A, so we use data analysis to try and predict the beach flags in advance. We do not in any way intend for our predictions to be taken for official flag decisions. We advise everyone to check the official flags and always exercise caution in the water, no matter the color of the flag.

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